Why We Did This So All You Losers Won't Wonder

Sean's Story: It all started out with me telling David that we should make an uber club. So he just basically started spouting off the name randomaly, while I wrote the initials for it. THE END!

David's Story: Just for your information, this is really how it worked. Well originaly I made a group on Youtube with a name similar to T.U.G.O.G.T.D.R.S, ya know,one of those that has a bunch of weird words in it. So one day at school, I told Sean that we should have a group, and I couldn't think of the name I made on Youtube, so I made up T.U.G.O.G.T.D.R.S. Later for no random reason I decided that we should make a wiki. Thus, the site was formed.

Sean's Story 2: That's a lie! I was totally right, PLUS I'm Uber!

Pencil's Story: ACCTUALLY, it really was all a yellow dream I had. I was writing down these initials at random.THE END!!!

Pimple on Daves nose's story: they rong> I tel troth? I supper herooo1 theys anre toootalie nut ant suk@ by:"{>

JACOBS TRUTH: i made it all up! from tha begining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!lolx!

JACOBS LIE: read above story^ -Sean S.

Lab Rat's Story: I was in a lab, and the doctors were pumping me full of some sort of liquid magazine-afier juice. And then I somehow escaped and got on a computer to make this website. -David

The bowl of cold beans that lives under David's desk's story: I take full credit. It was my telepathic mind control that caused David to set off the chain of events that would lead to the creation of this website.

Sean's face's story: I did whatever you guys are arguing about!

I bet you losers are still all wondering, huh? TOO BAD!!! -jacob

The REAL story: You aren't actually at a website called T.U.G.O.G.T.D.R.S. this is all a dream, and you'll wake up soon. Hopefully.

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