Things I Hate And Why I Hate Them

Okay. This is a new blog-esque thing. It's all about things I hate and Why I hate them. So enjoy. :)

1. I hate chain texts. I really do. Who created them? They're useless crap! Why exist? WHY SEND THEM?! THEY NEVER EVEN MAKE SENSE! With the new fad of text lingo, our language is slowly deteriorating. For example. Lol I g2g hng wif my bf b4 i go to the movy wif u. lol by! SEE?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN YOU ASK? *laughs* I gotta go hang out with my boyfriend before I go with you to the movies. ha ha bye! WHY MAKE IT THIS^ GARBLE MESH? THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO REASON THEY COULDN'T WRITE THIS!— — ——^ And now people TALK like this! IDIOTS! NO ONE THINKS IT'S CUTE OR FUNNY OR COOL! IT'S JUST PLAIN RETARDED! GOSH!

2. I hate preps. Nothing against the style, although i don't wear it, but it's the way they talk. THEY TALK IN TEXT LINGO! HOW STUPID! OMG TAKES THE SAME AMOUNT OF TIME AS OH MY GOSH! LOL MAKES NO SENSE! Laugh out loud?! As opposed to what?! Laughing quietly?! NO! If I'm feeling dumb enough to text in text lingo, I use my own version, LUL. Laugh up lung. Which makes more sense! Anyway, the other thing is their attitude. It's stupid. They're over-joyed, over- esteemed personality is DUMB! They think WAY to highly of themselves. Why? I DON'T KNOW! THEY'RE JUST PLAIN RETARDED! GOSH!

3. I hate game programers. Why? Because if we gamers whine to them about anything (And I whine ALOT) they do NOTHING! They still make crap-tastic games with the same issuses, mistakes, problems, bugs, whatever ya wanna call them. And they do it ALL THE TIME! Plus, I watch critics videos, and I kinda expect some of them do too. So why not listen to said critics? If I made games, I'd listen to them and base my game around their criteria. Then, I'd get a lot of hype from them. That's a smart move. GOSH!

4. I hate Youtube. And here's why. It's not really them, It's the danged ol' Moderators. I've seen grandparents that are more coherent in punishments then those retards. They took the sound out of an entire 45 minute video for ONE sound file that could or could not have been copywritten. THAT'S SO STUPID! And then they REALLY made me mad by yanking one of MY videos. I have to completely redo it because I didn't keep it on my laptop when I wiped it's hard drive. I made a Let's Play and they thought I was breaking copy writing laws… or something along those lines. It really made me mad because IT'S A FREEWARE GAME! That means THERE IS NO COPYWRIGHT! THE RETARDS! GOSH!

5. I hate blog posts. Why? Because no one on the internet knows how to spell (Other then me of course) and even if they're trying to spell it to their best abilities, the least they could do is use spellcheck. (Which is implemented as a usable program on Blogspot) So why don't they? I think I know. BECAUSE THEY'RE RETARDED! GOSH!

6. I hate people who use like and/or um to fill in sentences. You see, when a person gets it in their head to start talking, they immediately start talking. WITHOUT thinking about WHAT they're going to say. So… when they lose track of their idea, they either say like, or um. How stupid.

7. I hate recurring jokes. They're stupid. See, when I laugh at something, that means I thought it was funny. It does NOT mean I want to hear it 20 more times in a different format. It's just not cool. Leave it alone after once, MAYBE twice (if it's really THAT funny).

8. I hate the Book on Audio companies. Wanna know why? Good. :^) Anyway, I was looking for a graphic novel called V for Vendetta. I didn't find it, but I DID find a CD version… See the problem? IT'S A GRAPHIC NOVEL! IT'S SUPPOSED TO HAVE PICTURES! WHY WOULD I WANT TO HEAR YOU READ IT?! THERE'S NO PICTURES THEN! THE MORONS!


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