The Ultimate Holder

The Ultimate Holder

Chapter 1:The Birthday That Went Wrong

Once upon a time there was an old grove where I lived. I loved that place! I lived there with my healer parents. In case you’re wondering, healers are mages that, well, heal. Any way, on that day, the only thing other than two swords that I didn’t expect was a visit of the bad kind. I was down at the wharf with my best friend and my girlfriend having a picnic when they both said for us to go back up.

“Come on!” yelled my best friend, Paul. Paul is 6ft 3in, gangly, and brown haired. “COMING” screamed I, Skyler, and my girlfriend, Mae. I’m 6ft 2in plus I have, I know it’s weird, but, BLUE hair and CRAZY for Mae! Mae’s 5ft 10in and a WAY hot blonde! When we got there though, I heard something, and it was… “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” I was such an idiot that I’d forgot it was my birthday! “Here honey!” said my mom. She’s hard to describe. So is my dad, other than their two personal items, my dad’s gray walking staff that he actually never used. Then my mom’s light green wand, which she used for healing. They were strangely attached to their things. My mom gave me a wrapped gift. I opened it and found two curved swords! I got swords! “Happy birthday, hun.” Said my mom. I went and practiced three hours straight with Mae using my new swords. Now all Hell brakes loose…

I heard screams…FROM MY MOM! I run back and find the village looks like a slaughterhouse! My mom laid dead with her wand no where to be found. I saw my dad using his staff like a weapon and I ran up to help him out. “Go Sky” my dad screamed. “NO!” I yelled back. I fought off a lot of these strange human looking things. I saw Paul using his own swords to kill them. 2 hours later they retreated. Now, don’t think this story’s all about death, cause it’s not! I subsequently ran to my mom, who I checked and had to pronounce dead because my dad was to busy crying and looking for the wand. “DAD,” I screamed, “GIVE UP ON THE FREAKIN’ WAND AND HELP ME BURY MOM” But then I broke down and just started balling. It was all too much, especially on MY BIRTHDAY! Mae tried to comfort me, but I just shrugged her off. “Sky, I gotta tell you something, come with me” said my dad. I followed him into my house. “ That wand was more than a wand. It was a Bymy, which is a magical tool that does almost anything for its user. They run in families, and you’re the only one that can inherit it. That wand missing means it’s gonna be appearing to you soon.” I just sat there trying, yet failing, to process all this data. “I can’t believe this,” Mae said after she got back from checking on her own family, “I mean, I knew something was weird about that wand and how she carried it with her everywhere she went.” “Dad,” I said, “If what you’re telling me is true, how come she couldn’t just kill them all?” But my dad just sat over her body and weeped.

Chapter 2:The Bymy

After my dad had calmed down I started to question him on Bymys. “Dad! Tell me more!” I said. “No, no more until you get the Bymy. Until then, all I’ll tell you is that they are the greatest tool that you can get.” My dad said. “OK,”I said, “I’ll just trust your judgement, but at least tell me when I’ll get it!” “I have no idea,” My dad told me, “Other than the fact that it’ll come to you in a time of dire need.” My dad, Mae, and me went and buried my mom. Then Paul ran up. “THEY’RE BACK!” He yelled as he stopped, then he fell down and cried, and it was then that we noticed that he had huge gashes on his back. “I wish I could help, Paul.” I said, then I noticed that I was holding a thick string, actually it was more like a rope then a string, but still, it was there, and I didn’t remember picking it up. Then I got a strange idea that came out of scenic nowhere. Tie the 2 swords together. As I was, my dad asked, “What color’s that rope?” “Light Green” I told him as I got it done, and then I held up my 2 swords and watched as they turned LIGHT GREEN! “Oh my GOSH!” My dad said, “You got your Bymy core, and tied it to your swords to invent your own Bymy! A hook sword!” “COOL!” I said as I ran up to the village and into just another fight.

Chapter 3:The Hook Sword That Gets It’s Name

I fought long and hard! I thought it was over last time they came, but now it was. We ended up killing the leader of these, as I found out, Dreamcursers. They decide to go on and put people in eternal sleep. Like my mom… I really missed her, but I had to go on and…ON NO! I HEARD THE WARNING HORN! I ran up the path but I heard the horn just cut off, and I knew that meant trouble. By the time I got up there, everyone other than Paul, Mae, and me were dead. Even my dad, and Paul and Mae’s families, too. I had no idea what to do, either. I decided that I would fight to avenge my family. “WILLOW (That was my swords new name), GIVE ME 2 MORE SWORDS!” I screamed. And it did. I saw 2 swords appear. I gave them to Mae and Paul. “Thanks!” They said. “You’re welcome, now, COME ON! LET’S FIGHT!” I said. Then, we fought the Dreamcursers.

Chapter 4: The End of My Life

As I fought these new Dreamcursers, I noticed they were different. Like the DEAD kind of different. They were ghosts! I fought them off for a long time, but they just came back to life everytime. I ended up just running from the battle with Willow, Mae, Paul, and my dad’s corpse. It’s been years, but, that was the past, now here’s the rest of my life.

Chapter 5: What Happens Next?

“I’m still in shock,” says Paul. “I know!” says Mae. “I’m just glad we got out of there,” Paul says. “So am I!” I say. We ended up burying my dad next to my mom’s grave because it was far enough away from town to be able to not be noticed by the Dreamcursers and their undead leader. “I’ll miss everyone in that village so much!” wailed Mae. Then she took off running. “I’ll go find her,” said Paul. “No,” I said in a stern voice, “She’s my girlfriend, so I’ll go comfort her, OK? You go get some firewood,” I ended up finding her in the grove’s hill tops staring down at the town. “Hi…” I said. “Hey.” she said back. “Listen,” I said, “I know you lost everyone, I did, too. But you just got to toughen up. Later will be the time for mourning, NOW is the time for revenge. We’ll have to start going out and finding other Bymy wielders.” “Hey,” she said, “come here,” I walked over and she sat me down and tried to talk, but it came out as sobs. I kissed her to comfort her, and she stopped long enough to lay her head down on my lap but then the sobs came again. I stood up and said “I’d like you to come back to the campsite, OK?” She Nodded and stood up, too. "OK, let's go" I said. Then, we both turned and walked toward our campsite and, hopefully, a better life.

Chapter 6: The Beginning of the End

The three never really got to sleep that night, because in just 11hours 37minutes and 18seconds (Paul was subconsciously counting), so they just sat there thinking. After awhile, Mae said, "Why don't we just go back down there for a bit?" "Because they'll kill us if we do!" yelled Paul. "Calm down," I said, "besides, she's right. Let's go down there!" Three more hours of sleep, and Paul finally agreed that we should go down there. "Let's go," I said as I grabbed Willow " and avenge our families!" As we went down there, I heard the wrost sound I could ever hear. THE WARNING HORN! I then heard those things again and then Mae screamed. "I'm coming Mae!" I screamed then started fighting and fighting. WE WON! Then we decided to fix up my house for all three of us to live in, and we lived in peace. But not for more than 4 weeks. Then, it happened again, a fight, but even worse.

Chapter 7: The End of the End

As they came, I fought and then a jewel appeared in my hand, and I attached it to one of my swords and it turned GREY! "Hello Greystoke" I said. "Call me Grey," said a gruff voice in my head, "and yes, I talk. Unlike the green one you have." "LIGHT green," said a soft males voice, "It's LIGHT green, not just green" "Stop fighting, because the next person in my head other than me that says something hateful is getting dactivated." I said, and it acctually worked! I got pushed up to the top of the hill again and saw Paul and Mae on a roff fighting the ones that were smart enough to climb up, and that seemed like all of them. As more came towards me, I held Willow and Grey on high and screamed, "I will win, so give up!" Then, the Dreamcursers attacked.



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