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Syntax Error 2

Chapter 1: The Aftermath

Second upon a time, there was the same bunch o' dudes as the last one, named Sean, David, Jericho, and Trevor. Sean was about 5ft. 4in, had naturely tousled blonde hair and had Aspergers Syndrome which happens to be a mental and social dissability. David was 5ft. 7in, had normal looking black hair and acted hyper on his own accord. Trevor was 5ft. 2in, had about the same colored hair as Dave, was also a little hyper of his own choice, and promised to act like a normal person for the rest of the night. Lastily, there was Jericho, 5ft. 6in, and had really short blonde hair, and couldn't remember why he'd come over. It was getting to be late at the Stevens household, and the 4 of them had all started getting ready to go to bed. "So why did Keaton go home again?" asked David, "I don't know. Must be tired of putting up with us," replied Sean, "Man, I'm BEAT," said Trevor, "Dude, you died during the first level. You didn't have to deal with zombies, bad roleplaying levels, or Jed. So shut up before I kill you." threatened Sean, "Yeah, that was some tough stuff." said Jericho, "Yeah, but it WAS fun." said David with a smile. They all laid down, and in 5 minutes were all asleep. Sean had a nightmare that because he left Syntax in the CD drive of his computer, and ALSO left a projector plugged in, and all the creatures got out and the entire world twisted around and changed into a warped version of Syntax. He stood in the center of this, changing into Skyler the Rouge and trying to scream, but seemed unable to. He yanked out Shadowhunt and pulled out 3 of his arrows. But as he strung them, they turned into puddy and melted to the floor. The creatures started to close in on him. He tried to scream some more, but couldn't. One that looked like mix between a wolf and a puma leaned down, as if to punce at him, and then…

Chapter 2: Memory Leak

"AGH!" screamed Sean as he bolted upright, "The crap is wrong with you?!" asked a 95% asleep David, "Sorry, bad dream," replied Sean with a sigh of relief, "C'mon, let's get up," he said, "Otay." said David as he got up and started kicking Trevor, "Hey, Monkey, video games. Get up," he said, "Ouch. Thanks for kicking me… jerk." said Trevor angrily, "I dun wanna getup!" said Jericho whilst Sean kicked him, "Too bad!" said Sean. They all got up and went to play video games. Trevor and Jericho left, while David and Sean went over to Sean's computer, "Dude, why'd you leave Syntax in? Throw this crap out!" said David as he tossed the CD to Sean, "TREVOR GET IN HERE!" screamed Sean. Jericho and Trevor walked in. "Here, toss this out." said Sean as he tossed the CD to Trevor. Jericho leaned against the desk, putting his hand on Sean's projector. "OUCH!" said Jericho, "What?" asked Sean, "Your stupid projector burned me!" said Jericho, "Dude, not possible. It hasn't been turned on in 3 years. There's no way it could be hot." said Sean, "Well, I dan't know why, but it's hot." said Jericho angrily, " Or, You're just being a wuss and…" started Sean, "Ugh. Dude. Shut. It. Up. Headache." interupted David as he clutched his head, "Yeah, I know. Got one too. Want some Asprin? I'm getting some for myself." said Sear, "Nah, I'll live," said Daviy, "I want some though." said Treace, "Me too." said Jeriaylo, "Dude, we're all getting headaches? That's REALLY strange. Hmmmmm…. HEY?! THE CRAP?!" screamed Syler, "What?" asked Drgly, "MY PLAQUE ON THE WALL! THE NAME'S CHANGING!" screamed a terrified Skyler, "To?" asked Slurgly, "SKYLER!" screamed Skyler, "WHA?!" asked Draylo, "GUYS, CHECK YOUR SCHOOL I.DS!" said Skyler, "MINE SAYS SLURGLY!" screamed a suprised Slurgly, "MINE SAYS…. Face. User interface, setactorfullname 'Monkey'. Hey, there we go… MINE SAYS MONKEY!" screamed a pretty danged stupid Monkey, "MINE SAYS…" started Draylo, "WE GET THE POINT! Now, what in the most un-holy crap HAPPENED?!" asked Skyler, "I don't know. Yo, Monkey, toss meh the CD." said Slurgly, "Dodger, rodger." said Monkey as he tossed Syntax to Slurgly, "Ok. Stick it in the drive, run the game… it says it can't run." said Slurgly, "Why not?" asked Skyler, "Ummmm… it says it had a… memory leak. And the system log says it accesed your projector last night. Soooo… my thoughts and feelings are as follows." said Slurgly as he turned to look at them, "First, the game sucked. Second, it accesed your projector. Third, it had it's little 'Memory leak'. Fourth, it pumped a crapload of enemies out. But….. only the ones WE fought. It didn't leak the GAME out, just the memories. Sooo… I think that the moment we open that door, we won't be in Kansas anymore, Toto." said Slurgly, "Oh. Crap. We're dead." said Skyler, "Ummmmm…. that's creepy." said Monkey, "What?" asked Draylo, "All our clothes are changing." said a now REAL monkey named Monkey, "WHA?!" screamed a suprised Skyler, now holding Shadowhunt., "Ok. This is the weirdest thing I've ever encountered. Like, EVER! So… I think we should just do what we did last night. Beat this game. It's litterally that easy. All we have to do is destroy the memories, and they fade." said Slurgly, "YOU CALL THAT EASY?!?!" screamed Monkey, "YOU WEREN'T EVEN THERE! WE HAD TO FIGHT THOSE! YOU WERE AN IDIOT AND GOT YOURSELF KILLED!" screamed Skyler, "SHUT UP!" screamed Slurgly, "I still have a headache, and you'll have an arm ache if you don't SHUT UP… in about 5 seconds…" he said, "Otay. But how are they staying here? There's no phisically possible way that they could be here WITHOUT a projector! SO HOW?!" asked a hysterical Draylo, "Ummmmm…. I don't know. They might not even be out there." said Slurgly, "I'll check." said Skyler. Skyler walked over, opened the door, and walked out. Three minutes he came back in, missing 12 arrows and bleeding from cuts on his upper torso. "Yep. They're out there." said a shaking Skyler, "Yep. We're dead." said Monkey, "NO!" screamed Slurgly, "WE ARE NOT DEAD!" he screamed. Then they heard beating on the door. They all rose their weapons (They all had their weapons, and Trevor now wielded a sharp stick.) and prepared to fight a monstor. But then the banging just stopped. "I dan't know why, but I dan't think they can get in here Bontilda." said a Senor Cardgadge imatating Skyler, "You're horrible at imatating him, so stop ya moron. And another thing, don't ever EVER call me Bontilda again, understand?" asked Slurgly, "YESSIR!" said a terrified Skyler, "Ok. We have got to go out there guys. We have no other choice," said Slurgly, "We could always cower in here." said Draylo, "Not an option. You WILL go out there, or I'll DRAG you out there." said Skyler, "Fine." said Draylo, "Ok. READY UP!" screamed Skyler as he headed towards the door.

Level 1: The Field

He opened the door, and instead of a family room, there was a pixelated field crawling with enemies. "O. Cwap. We're. Dead." said Slurgly, "Am I the only person who HASN'T commented on our deadness?!" asked Draylo, "SHUT IT UP!" screamed a terrified Skyler, "Ok, new plan. I need my cell." he continued, "Where is it?" asked Monkey, "In my room," said Skyler, "Where's your room?" asked Monkey. Skyler turned and was filled with dread at the sight of a brick wall where his door was. "We're dead." said Draylo, "You commented on our dead- OW!" said Monkey whilst getting punched by Draylo, "Shut it up you two! The adults are trying to figure out a battle strategy." said Skyler, "Ok? This is really gonna suck," said Jericho, "Ok. I think I have an idea," said Skyler, "Ok, let's hear it." said Slurgly, "All we need to do is call Bocaj, and Kninja. Warn them," said Skyler, "Ok. I've got my cellphone," said Slurgly as he started dialing Jacob and Keaton. They all waited as Slurgly explained to them what happened. 5 minutes later, a light shimmered to their left and out popped Keaton. "I'm here." said Kninja, "WE TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY!" screamed Skyler, "IT'S TO DANGEROUS!" he continued, "So?" asked Kninja,

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