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I Like The Cheat!!!!-Sean S.

Flengbladash! -David A.



lines!!!! -J4c0b t3H ownxor2

He's ^

a |


I'm gonna blow you up. -David

If i were a bowl of vomit, id probably be thrown in the trash like allthose other poor discarded bowls of vomit. The world is so prejudiced against puke. -jacob

Yeah, that's true.-sean

Oh wow. sometimes sean is so smart. who'da thunk that i actually meant that something i said was true!!??!?!?!?!??????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~ jacob

1 dollar is not 5 dollars. ~David

Life, Death, it's all the same to zombies ~jacob. don't steal it! this is my own personal quote. tell me if u use it, and plz also cite it back to me, with a tugogtdrs link if possible

death, life, it's not the same to humans. ~Sean

shoes…juice -David

the person doing this is way cooler than myself. -Egomaniac_42
the person doing this is way cooler than Egomaniac_42. Egomaniac_42 obviously has less of a life than the person who has clearly devoted hundreds of hours to not playing a real guitar or doing something worthwhile in this video. That is sad -Gannstboy

THIS person is cooler than me, and more popular. He's devoted hundereds of hours to not playing a real video game or doing something not worthwhile, unlike me, who DOES devote many hours doing nothing worthwhile. -Slurgly

This dude is sorta cool, too - Skyler

The world is my apple and apples taste good. -Slurgly

Yeah well the world's my PEAR! And pears taste WAY better! -Skyler

I'm not even guna describe how awesome this is! -Skyler

I hope none o' y'all like Barack Obama! -Skyler
NO POLITICS!!!!! Because we have a lot of divergent views and it'll only lead to arguments and fighting.
It's hilarious tho.

DONT GO ON TEH INTRANET AT SCHOOL!! Unless you're me. Because I am right now. -Slurgly/David

SO IZ I! I puke at the thought of you face die yeah you know what i mean. Don't like about who you love cuz then the world will make out with dem. So if i jump in the ocean the moon will make waves in me? -Skyler/ Sean

If you want to be possessive it's just I-T-S, but if it's a contraction it's I-T-Apostrophe-S. Scallawag. -Slurgly/

scallawag. ~Gannstboy

LSHS is teh roxorz and has almost no intermaweb lox. BUTZ, ITZ STILLLLLLLLZ SKOOLZ, WICH SUXXXXZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, I miss this site. =(

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