Sean's Life!

David told me to do this, so here goes!


PISHOW! Woahzles. Two whole months. Ok. So… New girlfriend, got caught for a hacked game, wrote nothing, got my lappy confiscated, and I'M UBER AWESOME! YAY!


Hey. I finished the TIHAWIHT…. It's ok I guess. I'm uber bored.


I agrees with David. I already miss summer. Albeit, I TOLD him he'd immeadiately miss summer. But the moron didn't believe me. SEE DAVID?!


Sorry, I've been too busy to blog. Anyway, I'm a Cadet Airman, Leader of my class, and I have 3 ribbons. I kick butt. O and then there's the TIHAWIHT. Not done yet. And I TOTALLY don't remember the pants thing… anyone else know?


1. 3 days and counting till school. I'm depressed about that.
2. I'm working on a TIHAWIHT.
3. My friends moving today. That basically sucks.
4. Anyone know what happened to my pants? I think they ran away from home…


Woot. I have 7 days till school. I, once again, point out that I HATE SCHOOL! Albeit, not enough to TIHAWIHT about it though. Lucky you! :^) Later!


Great. Only 2 weeks till school. I hate school. So…. I got SBCG4AP from my brother, and that's about all I've been doing. And now I'ma go write a TIHAWIHT.


Helmo. I'm being uber. And writing. Lqih means Laugh Quietly In Head.


Hello. The Slug is home and is being hims old self. That's about it. Till next time!


Haldo. I got a new laptop and am so happy! I'm also cool. And Rovert's home. Bye.


Hey, David and Trevor are gone. David at IHOP camp, (don't ask) and Trevor at his grandparents house. How sad. Well, in a random spur of an idea, I'm making a new blog-esque thing. checkith itith outith! :)


Like Slurgly, I haven't posted much. Mainly, because I hate blogging almost as much as chain texts, (See last post) so…. yeah. Nothing interesting other then a new girlfriend. But that's normal. :) I now actually make money in not stupid bets with Rover-T/Slurgly. I mow. Anyway, that's all. B-Shine OUS OUS! 8^B


I hate chain texts. I really do. Who created them? They're useless crap! Why exist? WHY SEND THEM?! THEY NEVER EVEN MAKE SENSE! With the new fad of text lingo, our language is slowly deteriorating. For example. Lol I g2g hng wif my bf b4 i go to the movy wif u. lol by! SEE?! WHAT DOES THAT MEAN YOU ASK? *laughs* I gotta go hang out with my boyfriend before I go with you to the movies. ha ha bye! WHY MAKE IT THIS^ GARBLE MESH? THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO REASON THEY COULDN'T WRITE THIS!— -- ——^ And now people TALK like this! IDIOTS! NO ONE THINKS IT'S CUTE OR FUNNY OR COOL! IT'S JUST PLAIN RETARDED! GOSH! I'm done. Till next time children! B-Shine ous ous!


Yeah, I need a Google account to continue on Blogspot, and i just am too lazy to get one. So I'm back (unfortunately) and ready for more! YAY!


I've realized that this blog thing iz gonna get bigger so I took teh liberty of making mehself a blogsite, so go here.


Meez happy with da life I haz. Noe youz mustch reed teh storee Syntax Error!


OMFG! ME AND SLURGLY PWND AT THE TALENT SHOW! And I'm dating a scrub now lol… O.o


I'm pretty sure i waz high when i did the last post. anyway, I'm UBER!

I puke at the thought of you face die yeah you know what i mean. Don't like about who you love cuz then the world will make out with dem. So if i jump in the ocean the moon will make waves in me?

I sucked at science olympiad. But hey, so did Slurlgy! and then i decided not to blog… BYE!

Sooooooooo… this Saturday will basically consist of meh at science olympiad with Slug-face. Fun, huh? Anywho, I got to flirt with Nyle (and some with David… jk jk… David will probably delete that now), shoot at my little brother with my new nerf gun and… this… BORING!

Sorry that I haven't blogged. I've been grounded from my compy. Basically I've talked to David, Keaton, Trevor, all three of my exs, and this jerk who left me out of my her life. I hate her now. Oh well. I'll be blogging more often. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Today I got to sit around and write my story, Rovert's script and do a crap load of voicing. It sucks so much! Anyway, I beat Keaton in Soldier Front! LOL YAY!

Today I played Soldier Front and pwnd a couple noobs, got my butt (Slurgly won't let me cuss) kicked by Slurg and Dogtron, beat Halo 3 for the freaking 13 time (I've been counting) with my bratty little brother Nicholas, ate pork butt, and blogged! Till next time!


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