New Here 2

Okay, Seriously Now, You Should check Out The Members Pages. And While You're At It, Check Out The Stickman Comics. They're Actually Pretty Good. Next Check Out The Homestar Runner Page, And While On There You Should Check Out The Homestar Runner Videos For A Quick Laugh! Still Need More??? You Should Also Check Out The Video Games Page(If It's Even Freakin Done Yet)! Man You Must Be EXTREMLY Bored If You STILL Need Ideas On Where To Go. Check Out The T.U.G.O.G.T.D.R.S Forum Pages And See The Rules So You Can See Everything Wrong You've Already Done. On Second Thoght, Check Out The Page Why We Did It. It's Pretty Freakin Hillarious To Read All The Different Perspectives On How we Decided To Make This Whole Piece Of Crap Website In The First Place. Well, I'm all Out Of Fun Ideas. I Mean, Davids Got Some Crap On This Site, But The Key Phrase Here Is"All Out Of FUN IDEAS!!!" If You're As Slow As Jericho, That Is Me Saying…



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