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This is a blog where I will post a few sentences about my everyday life.

10-4-10: Seriously Sean? You just HAD to update the site a month ago? You really need to stop this, this website absolutely needs to die. *sniff*

NO!!!!!!! IT CAN'T DIE! This was our LIFE BLOOD as poor little scrubs! -Sean

1-14-10: Ugh, I'm in school right now. Computer Applications is tooooootally easy. Not to mention boring, especially since I'm not allowed to play games. Besides a pretty good Christmas, not much has changed. T.U.G.O.G.T.D.R.S. is still dead, and I'm still cool. Maybe I'll start playing LOTRO again soon.

9-24-09: I almost got both of the games that I wanted, except that I got Medal of Honor: Heroes and Sonic and the Secret Rings. Well, school hasn't been bad. I like my classes, marching band owns, and…I'm still the most popular kid in *shot* *cough* school. Also, I got a new dog a few days ago, and he is the roxorz. So, it seems like that this website is dying and that the only one who reads this blog is myself. That sucks.

8-22-09: Hmmmmmmm I really want to buy a couple of games. Call of Duty WaW and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. I also want to buy some trumpet sheet music. I never get to spend money when I want to…

8-21-09: The first week of school is OVER. I already miss summer. I'm so tired… So yeah, I hope this weekend is gonna be good.

8-10-09: I've been working on some animation using Toon Boom Animation. I've started SWSF7, it should be good when it is done, which may take a long time. I haven't tried the kind of complex animation that I'm planning on having in it. Also, I've been working with Sean on Syntax Error: The Movie. It should also be fairly AMAZING. So. If there's anyone out there reading this, anyone at all. Please…come back to T.U.G.O.G.T.D.R.S. Don't let the flame die out.

7-18-09: About Worlds of Fun last month, it was fun. Today I had to wipe my computer's hard drive…again! I'm not sure what there is left to do with this website. I mean, with the forum we all can still post and do stuff and crap, but with the main site…we have three people who can edit, and we aren't very active. It appears that much of the site will appear as it is. HOWEVER, no matter if anyone goes here ever again, I WILL have an anniversary event (revert back to how site was a year ago, or possibly to the first day since I forgot this year), and a ,, super top secret april fools joke.,,

6-16-09: I haven't really been posting much because their hasn't been very much to post. It's been summer, I've been chilling. Tomorrow I'll be going to Worlds of Fun. It should be a fun time.

5-25-09: Hey guys what's up? And by guys…I mean the one person that might on a small off chance actually be reading this blog. Crazy people. I've recently been playing SRB2 again, and it's still freaking sweet. Check it out. Seriously.

5-21-09: Oh my crap, school's almost out. We get out on the 27th I think. Um…I'm going to Trevor's birthday party tomorrow. Bye.

5-5-09: If you want to watch my Tolkien Photo Story, it's now located under the files on this page.

4-29-09: I literally came into Computer Explorations today and had nothing to work on. I had already finished all my work. So I type some stuff online. ….I ate lunch outside today. Bye.

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