Is a dude. With a glasses. And hairs.


This is not a picture of him.

this is
not either

A bit about me: I have dedicated my life to the pursuit of AWEXSOMENESS. As you might expect this leads to me pursue myself (a bit egocentric, but hey, who isn't?). Let me just say that i chase my own tail a lot. Another form of AWEXSOMENESS to which I am a devotee is THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS! They are, like, a totally killer band, forged from liquid essence of pure AWEXSOME. Um, thats about it.

This mah' website!!! Platymuus Incorporated

awesome member made shirt company. if you're gonna buy one, please use this link. i get money towards shirts 4 it

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Funny, if slightly inappropriate webpage: Chumble Spuzz
My Music
a photograph of a bowl of soup. ITS AWESOME! u kno u w4nt 2 see it!


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[[[they might be giants]]]

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