Golden Bymy

This is a secret teaser page for anyone who has found it… I'll be secretly posting chapters of the Golden Bymy here so PLEASE don't mess with this page! To kick off my new page I'll post a preveiw…

"I always hated being a staff" said Grey the Bymy. "STOP COMPLAINING" said Bullet and Killer at the same time. "Everyone shut up!" said Skyler

There you happy? No? Then read THIS!

The Golden Bymy:

As the fight continued, the6ft. 2in. blue haired boy named Skyler Tratle knew that even with his hook sword Bymy tht he wasn't going to win this fight at all. As he watched his best friend Paul, who stood almost 6ft. 5in. now, got knocked out then Skyler got pinned to a rock and was forced to watch his 5ft. 10in. girlfriend, Mae, defeated. " We're dead!" screamed Paul. "No you ain't!" screamed a far off and extremly gruff voice. Then something flying zipped straight into the dreamcurser holding Skyler. And then it just died…more came down and before the dreamcursers could effectively react to it they were all dead. "Who are you?" asked Paul as the figure slid down the hill. "My name is Matt," said a tall brown haired man in a brown leather jacket and pants and then he held up to weird peices of metal and said "and these are my bymy, they're guns. The golden one's named Bullet and the silver one's named Killer." Then he tosed the silver one to Skyler and said " Keep it" "THANKS!" said an astonished Skyler.

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