About Being A Member Of This Website

I hate to say this, well not really, but anyways…Just because you are a member of the site, doesn't neccesarily mean you're actually part OF the actual group of guys that does random stuff. Because I don't know how else to explain it…I'll make a chart of how high you are in the "ranks" of the group. Everyone is ranked from 1-10, being the best of the group.

10: Slurgly, Skyler Tratle, (Founders and members of website) Gannstboy (Lives in Texas, but was here from almost the beginning)
9. None
8. rover-T (Lives in Missouri and is active and a site member) Dogtron (Unactive, but small big member in the real world)
7. Jericho (A founding member, but unable to go on the website)
6. Egomaniac_42 (Somewhat active, and recently joined)
5. None
4. None
3. Stewierulz (Unactive, and big small member in the real world)
2. None
1. Hipple1 (Unactive…and doesn't even interact with us ever)


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